Ström Architects is a contemporary boutique architecture practice in Hampshire. We specialise  in unique modern houses, complete renovations, as well as multi occupancy residential projects. 

The practice was founded in New Forest by Magnus Ström in 2010.

Magnus's passion lies in the area of smaller scale works - in particular one-off houses. In order to be able to refine his vision he set up his own practice with a strong focus on the design and delivery of unique homes, both in the UK and abroad.

Our approach to architecture is not superficial or purely for effect. As a practice, we seek foundation in the basics of human life (the client), and nature (the site/ environment). This inspires our designs and how we create spaces. Through a continuous and careful dialogue with structure, details, material and order, we seek a holistic and tectonic approach in realising the architectural ideas. Technology permits our architecture, but our architecture is not defined by it. Instead it helps us to build efficiently in a way that is integral to the architecture as well as being sustainable.

With Magnus hailing from Sweden, there is undeniably a ‘Swedishness' to our work. This is not necessarily just about Scandinavian Design, but rather about a way of life. Swedish Functionalism was born out of a belief in humanism, tradition, moderation, handcrafted perfectionism, modesty, quietude and purposefulness. Coupled with the dark, cold winters and long, light summers, the Swedes were searching for an architecture that combined simplicity with beauty, humanism and democratic ideals, whilst connecting with nature. The practice goes back to the roots of those beliefs time and time again, as they are as valid today as they were back then.

These principles inform a way of life that we identify with, and which we try to reflect in our architecture.

We strive to create buildings that do not shout, but have an architectural solution that comes across as understated, yet powerful and with soul.

Perhaps because the practice is young, we don’t have pre-conceived ideas about what a house design should be like. Instead we approach each job as a unique task. This leads to personalised solutions for our clients that are tailored to their individual needs. A large part of the practice ethos is about focusing on the client and their needs, relating to them and listening to them so that they can live in, and be inspired by the spaces that we create for them.

We are currently working on several private houses within the UK ranging from Devon to Norfolk, as well as projects in Sweden and USA.

Ström Architects is a Chartered Practice recognised by the Royal Institute of Architects accreditation scheme.

…You employ stone, wood and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces. That is construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart, you do me good, I am happy and I say: 'This is beautiful.' That is Architecture. Art enters in.
(Le Corbusier, Vers Une Architecture, 1923)


Ström Architects is a small boutique practice, and we want to stay small.
This is the only way we can give clients the undivided attention to detail that we believe is required for a highly bespoke and individual service.

Magnus 07062016

Magnus Ström, Director

Magnus came from Sweden to study architecture at Portsmouth University in 1995, graduating at the top of his class with a first in his BA (Hons) Degree, and winning two awards for degree projects. After working for a time in London and Winchester, he continued his studies and gained a Distinction in his Diploma. He also received the post-graduate RIBA South Region Award for outstanding design work, and was nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal.

After graduating, Magnus joined the esteemed Dublin practice deBlacam & Meagher Architects where he worked for a year. He was then invited to join John Pardey Architects in 2002 South England where he spent 8 years – latterly as a Director of the practice. His work included residential, educational and commercial projects - both for private and public sector clients. He was responsible for the conception and design of numerous private houses, as well as running several large-scale, mixed-use projects in London, Dublin and the USA.

Ström Architects was formed in 2010, with the intention of forming a boutique architects’ practice focusing on one-off contemporary residential projects.

Emma 07062016

Emma Ward-Lambert, Associate
BSc MArch, ARB

Emma was born and grew up in Hong Kong, moving to the UK in the ‘90s for education. She studied her Bachelor and Master degrees at Cardiff University, latterly focusing on environmental psychology and the relationship between buildings, users and behaviour.

She briefly returned to Hong Kong between her studies, working on a number of large housing developments in the Middle East and India, before coming back to the UK. On her return she took up a position at John Pardey Architects - where Magnus was a practice director - and their professional relationship was founded, particularly as they shared a love of one-off, contemporary houses. Here, she was able to focus her interest and work on such projects, in and around the South coast.

Most recently she has spent several years at ArchitecturePLB in Winchester, where her experience expanded to cover schools and colleges, university faculty buildings, housing developments and student residences.

Emma joined Ström Architects in early 2014, and her move back to the New Forest also marks a return to the design and construction of private homes, where her primary interest in architecture lies.

Jonathan 07062016

Jonathan Laird, Architectural Assistant
B.Arc Dip.Arc

Jonathan was born and raised in Scotland and moved with his family down to Southampton at the age of 10. After schooling locally, he studied Architecture at Portsmouth University, and had a particular interest in Phenomenology and Tectonics.

Jonathan loves experiencing different countries and cultures (with an architectural twist of course), and in 2012 he travelled to Morocco as part of the Jørn Utzon Research Network, to study the works of Utzon.  Also, in 2014, Jonathan travelled to Cambodia to take part in a Design & Build eco-tourism project with the charity Building International Trust.  He spent two months in the country and helped to build the eco-lodges and experience life there first hand.   

Professionally, his first placement was with a practice in Southampton, but he moved up to London to enjoy the city for a while, and worked for Hub Architects for nearly 2 years - working on a variety of different projects.

He has now relocated back down South to join the Strom Architects team, and when he's not working, he'll be indulging his love of football and the martial arts.  He also plays guitar and the piano, so perhaps we can look forward to some live music in the office occasionally!

Laurie 160317

Laurie Ström, Marketing Co-ordinator / Office Manager

Laurie joined the practice in 2016 to help with the growing business, and to manage all the marketing and publicity.  She works 3 days a week as a holiday from bringing up the 2 year-old Ström prodigal son / future Superstar architect.

Please direct all press, marketing and general office enquiries to her directly.


Henry 07062016

Henry, Architect Dog

I like sticks. A lot. Also, I love barking but I am VERY friendly, so if you visit please don't be scared of me.